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Read the Booking Terms and Conditions for Parking operators here.

Booking User terms and conditions

(version September 10, 2020)


LogPay Transport Services GmbH (“LogPay) offers a Platform allowing our Users to book a parking space at Parking Locations throughout Europe (the “Service”). On our Platform, it is also possible for Users to exchange experiences on Parking Locations, gas stations and truck rest stops in certain regions.These terms and conditions are available here and apply to all our Services made available online, through any mobile device, by email or by telephone.By accessing, browsing and using our (mobile) website or any of our applications through whatever platform and/or by completing a Reservation, you acknowledge and agree to have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions set out below (including the privacy statement).


Parking Location” means the Parking Location containing parking spaces available for Reservation on the Platform.Parking Operator” means the professional provider of Parking Location(s).Platform” means the Platform (including (mobile) website and app) on which our Service is made available.Reservation” means the booking or reservation of (a) relevant parking space(s) at a Parking Location.Service” means the online parking space reservation service as offered by LogPay on the Platform.LogPay”, “us”, “we” or “our” means LogPay Transport Services GmbH, Germany, a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of Germany, registered with the commercial register of the local court (Amtsgericht) of Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and having its registered address at Schwalbacher Straße 72, 65760 Eschborn, Germany.User” means any registered user of the Platform and/or the Service, including planners and drivers.

Our Service

LogPay provides a Platform through which Users are able to make a reservation for parking spaces at certain Parking Locations.It is important to understand the following about our Service:
  • In order to use our Service, you need to register as a user by creating an account.
  • You can access our Service through our app, internet Platform or through a 3rdp party system via our API.
  • We respect your privacy. Please have a look at our privacy and cookies policy for further information click here.
IMPORTANT: By using our Services you acknowledge that:
  • we are not an open platform and only those Parking Locations of Parking Operators which have a commercial relationship with LogPay will be made available for booking on the Platform;
  • any Reservation and use of a parking space and the Parking Location is at your own risk;
  • Parking Operators may have their own additional terms and conditions and house rules for the use and access of the Parking Location. By making a Reservation with LogPay, you also accept and agree to the cancellation and no-show policy of the relevant Parking Location, and to any additional terms and conditions of the Parking Location that may apply to your Reservation;
  • the information that we provide to you on a Parking Location is based on the information provided to us by Parking Operators and our Users and we cannot verify or guarantee that all information is accurate or correct;
  • LogPay is entitled to immediately terminate your use of the Platform and your rights, if any, under these terms and conditions, if you act in breach of these terms or the terms of the relevant Parking Operator;
  • if you wish to review, adjust or cancel your Reservation, please check the confirmation email (or in app) and follow the instructions therein;
  • the Parking Operator is allowed to refuse a User or terminate the Reservation if a User or the driver is unable to present valid identity documents and/or documentation proving that the vehicle in the Reservation is insured;
  • parking is at your own and/or the driver’s risk;
  • the User or any designated driver by a User must ensure that his vehicle is securely locked and that any vehicle alarm, steering lock or similar device is switched on;
  • Parking Operators may install video surveillance cameras in the Parking Location including as a deterrent to criminal activity but do not make any representation as to the coverage or guarantee the security of the User’s vehicle; and
  • the Service may experience periods of downtime, including scheduled maintenance and will not be error-free.

Pricing and Payment

What you should know about pricing
  • prices are displayed including VAT/sales tax and all other taxes and fees;
  • if you make a Reservation you are obliged to make a payment either to us or to the Parking Operator directly at the Parking Location;
  • we may charge a fee in the event of a no-show or cancellation;
  • please check the relevant prices, conditions and details thoroughly before making your Reservation; and
  • obvious errors and mistakes (including misprints) are not binding and cannot be relied on.
What you should know about the payment:
  • Payment is safely processed from your chosen payment method (e.g. credit/debit card or bank account) to our bank account.
  • We may require that payment is made upfront by wire transfer (if available) or by credit card, and therefore your credit card may be pre-authorized or charged (sometimes without any option for refund) upon making the Reservation.
  • By making a Reservation, you also accept and agree to the relevant cancellation and no-show policy of the relevant Parking Operator, and to any additional (parking) terms and conditions of the Parking Operator that may apply to your Reservation.
  • Any Reservation for which the fees are not paid to us will need to be paid to the Parking Operator.
  • By making a payment to the Parking Operator you are entering into an agreement with the Parking Operator and the use of the Parking Location, including fees and payment of fees shall be subject to terms and conditions of the Parking Operator.
  • Late payment, wrong bank, debit or credit card details, invalid credit/debit cards or insufficient funds are for your own risk and account and you shall not be entitled to any refund of any (non-refundable) prepaid amount.


If you complete a Reservation, you agree:
  • that we transmit the relevant details (such as your license plate number) of your Reservation to the relevant Parking Operator;
  • to receive a confirmation e-mail giving you information on your Reservation and providing you with certain information and offers (including third party offers);
  • to receive an email to rate and review the (experience with your) Parking Location.
  • we record and store data of the vehicles and drivers in the Platform.
The User guarantees that he has the necessary legal permission from the relevant individuals to collect, process and use the potential personal data and shall prove this if necessary.

What do you need to know about reviews?

We will invite you to comment on your stay at the relevant Parking Location and to provide a score for certain aspects of the Parking Location. The completed review (including the rating) may be uploaded onto the relevant Parking Operator's information page and/or our Platform for the purpose of informing (future) Users of your opinion on the Parking Location.You warrant that all content and information uploaded by you does not:
  1. contain discriminatory, racist, violent, sexually explicit, or demeaning content;
  2. incite people to commit criminal offenses, or endorse such offenses;
  3. contain pornography, or infringe the protection of minors;
  4. does not violate the privacy or portrait rights of third parties and does not contain names, emails, addresses, phone numbers or other details of individuals; and
  5. does not promote illegal activities.
By uploading text, photos/images or other content onto our Platform (for example in relation to a review) you warrant that you own the copyright to this content and you agree that LogPay may use the uploaded content on its (mobile) website and app, in (online/offline) promotional materials and publications and share the uploaded content with 3rd parties through our API.


In the event of damage, we shall be liable for intent and gross negligence, including that of our vicarious agents, in accordance with the statutory provisions. The same applies to damages caused by negligence resulting from injury to life, body or health. In the case of negligently caused property damage and financial loss, we and our vicarious agents shall only be liable in the event of a breach of a material contractual obligation, but the amount of liability shall be limited to the damage foreseeable and typical for this type of contract at the time of conclusion of the contract; material contractual obligations are those whose fulfilment characterize the contract and on which you may rely. Any further liability is excluded.We are not liable, to the extent permitted by law, for any damage resulting from theft and loss of, or other damage to vehicle or (other belongings of) Users.


Intellectual property rights: We retain ownership of all (intellectual property) rights, title and interest to the Platform (including all content made available in the Platform). You are not entitled to copy, scrape or otherwise use the content without our consent.Governing law: These terms and conditions and the provision of our Services shall be governed by German law. Any dispute arising out of these terms and conditions and/or our Services shall be exclusively submitted to the competent courts in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.Translation: We may translate the original English version of these terms and conditions into other languages. The translated version is a courtesy translation only. This means that you cannot derive any rights from the translated version. In case of any dispute about the contents or interpretation of these terms and conditions or an inconsistency or discrepancy between the English version and any local language version, the English version shall prevail