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1. Editorial Content

LOGPAY continuously monitors and updates all information LOGPAY provides for this service. However, some information may have changed in the interim, or be obsolete. For these reasons, LOGPAY assumes no liability for the current exactitude, correctness and/or completeness of the information provided.LOGPAY expressly points out that the service does not contain a full and complete data-base of parking and rest facilities within the respective regions. The information provided via the service is largely based on user information and is not verified by LOGPAY.LOGPAY further points out, that the information provided via the service, with respect to available parking spaces, is based on information given by the respective providers, and is not verified by LOGPAY. LOGPAY is not responsible for this information. All rights and obligations arising from a contract for the reservation of parking spaces, relates solely to the respective user and the respective provider of the relevant parking space.

2. External Links

This service contains links to third-party websites (“external links”). These websites are subject to the liability of the respective operators. During the initial linking of the external links, LOGPAY verified the external content, and scrutinized these for any legal violations. At that time, no legal violations were apparent. LOGPAY has no influence whatsoever on the current and future design and content of the linked pages. Placing external links does not imply that LOGPAY includes the content referred to, or to content contained within third party links, as its own generated content. Continuous inspection of external links by LOGPAY, without concrete indications of infringements, cannot be expected, and is not possible. However, should it come to our knowledge, that any infringements exist, such external links will be deleted without delay.

3. Copyright Law

The content published on this service is subject to Germany copyright law, as well as ancillary copyright law. Any utilization of material not authorized by Germany copyright and ancillary copyright law, requires the prior written consent of LOGPAY, or the respective holder of the relevant rights. This applies in particular to the duplication, processing, translation, storage, processing or reproduction of content in data-bases or other electronic media and media systems. Content and rights of third parties are identified as such. Unauthorized reproduction or disclosure of specific content, or complete pages, is prohibited and punishable by law. Only the production of copies and downloads for personal, private and non-commercial use, is permitted.